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Key features

Rajoo offers a wide range of counter rotating twin screw extruders for pipe and profile extrusion systems through a Joint Venture with most reputed pipe and profile extrusion machinery manufacturer in the world Bausano & Figli, Italy.

For the production of rigid and flexible pipe in thermoplastic materials, Rajoo Bausano offers the MD PLUS series high production twin screw extruders and a complete range of complementary accessories for calibration, cooling, movement and cutting. The systems are customized to the specific requirements of the customer with complementary machines and dimensions in line with the requirement. These are able to produce flexible, medical and irrigation pipe and rigid PVC and polyolefin pipe, with single or double outlet and with complete downstream assemblies.

Rajoo Bausano produces a wide range of counter-rotating twin and single screw extruders and accessories that are able to satisfy all requirements within the plastic extrusion field. Rajoo Bausano offers a modular production system with lines, machines and accessories, and certified production (ISO 9001) in which every detail is attended to with meticulous care.

A product made on flowex has wide range of application like irrigation pipe, PVC / HDPE Pipes for drainage etc.

For more details visit www.rajoobausano.com

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